admiring OTT

Virginia WOOLF to Vanessa BELL on OTT:

'I did rouse myself to go and see Ott. I was so much overcome by her beauty that I really felt as if I'd suddenly got into the sea, and heard the mermaids fluting on their rocks. How it was done I can't think; but she had red-gold hair in masses,cheeks as soft as cushions with a lovely deep crimson on the crest of them, and a body shaped more after my notion of a mermaid's than I've ever seen... swelling, but smooth.'

from the NPG, in Ottoline Morrell's scrapbooks here



Margaret Lucas Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle
17th century philosopher, writer, feminist, fashionista

Engraving of Cavendish Interior Closet
van Diepenbeke, 1671