lady OTT, Lord D'Abernon & Buggie

through the eyes of the distinguished Lord D'Abernon

"Lady Ottoline got to meet my darling Buggie today."

Lord D' Abernon by Augustus John

Lord D'Abernon was in his sixties when He and Anita started "going out" together. He made it his habit to drop in to her hotel for tea each afternoon-if the pair hadn't already met up during the day. His one pass as Anita put it-was to ask her if she-would like to retire to the bedroom.
she answered No-
Lord D'Abernon did not ask again-
and that was that-The lady recalls with some regret.

Anita Loos

from her book: The first time Lord D'Abernon led me into the drawing room of Lady Ottoline Morrell, she was standing beside the portrait of Lytton Strachey by Augustus John, done when both the painter and his subject were unknown...Lady Ottoline was a fragile beauty who seemed to be floating in a cloud of pink chiffon. Her Ladyship was kindness itself. She took the trouble to send me a note Strachey wrote her, in which he mentioned me as "the divine A." (imagine that!)

I have been reading the autobiography of Anita Loos, "Buggie"-and both volumes are a whirlwind of Hollywood and the English aristocracy in between the great wars.

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