the Art Fashion Creation of Ottoline

Ottoline Divine is off road-down the way from little augury-but I think most readers know that-in fact- I think we are an exclusive set that gather here when something utterly Ottoline appears in current conscience of Art-Fashion-Creation- but you get the idea.  We know Ottoline as an Original and whether others today are just happening upon her-or through self discovery happen to get catch the spirit of the Lady-she is every where.

one of the many portraits of Ottoline at the NPG here

It's a delight to find that Ottoline has fired the imagination of a blog I've recently discovered called ArT FaSHiON CreaTion-written by one nom de plume "toile la la." Obviously sharing my love for play on words- she discovered Ottoline Divine and offered me a perfect place HERE- to talk about Lady Ottoline Morrell and a little about myself. Join the conversation.

for the Holidays

the original photograph of Garsington can be found at the NPG here