Another view...

The Pond At Garsington- another view of Ottoline's beloved Garsington-as seen by her once love-and later a frequent guest at GARSINGTON-painter, Mark Gertler.

 T.S. Eliot, Mark Gertler and Lady Ottoline Morell

from Ottoline's scrapbooks here

Gertler's Still Life with Self Portrait


as seen by Ottoline's once love-and later friend and frequent guest at GARSINGTON-painter, Mark Gertler.

Ottoline's pearls

 "she bought for me a row of pearls at the sale of the French crown jewels; she liked to feel that I should wear a row of pearls that had been round the neck of Marie Antoinette." -Lady Ottoline Morrell

Jennifer Schlesinger  Object diaspora #21, 2009

Jennifer Schlesinger, Object Diaspora #13, 2009 

when I saw these photographs I immediately thought of Ottoline & her world-and her pearls. 

more of Schlesinger's photographs at 1st dibs here

Garsington in Bloom

Garsington Manor,Ottoline's home in Oxfordshire, England
photographed by Martin Beek

ott ART

 delightful friend, reader, blogger of  Art Fashion Creation has been thinking about OTT- and that- much to our great pleasure- I Now have OTT ART.
 With a touch of whimsy-much like Ottoline's fashion sense, the portrait of Ottoline is missing her hat's plummage.

Like any peacock, the Lady must have her decoration
at the moment I am feeling rather flighty-as in gossamer butterfly wings.
It is Summer after all.

the possibilities are limitless-& for Autumn I'm thinking leaves, of course, but maybe just maybe- a small ground squirrel & an acorn or 2.

modern ott poolside at Garsington

photograph by Erik Madigan Heck for vogue INDIA

possible views for a shoot

Ottoline  &  Cecil,  1933

photograph from Ottoline's scrapbooks at the NPG here

ottoline on the Runway

 Ottoline's voluminous collection of photographs can be found at the NPG here.

Gorey signs of Ott


 my little dog-a heart beat at my feet-Edith Wharton

the poignant photgraphs of Ott and her dogs are part of the collection at the NPG here.

Garsington for the WeekEnd

Recent discovery of photographs of Garsington-Ottoline's beloved country house by Daniel Hart and permission to share them has me easily envisioning Ottoline there this evening.
The beauty of the house seems little changed-

 Up to Garsington for the weekend


The Hall at Garsington
photograph by Jan Baldwin for "Ben Pentreath, English Decoration" 
published by Ryland Peters and Small, 2012

& OUT- 

 & as ALways-A Stroll around the Grounds


COme back My Darlings-But not right Away.

photographs of Garsington in Ottoline's day are here at the NPG
the photographs are HeRe. 
& about its Sale here