Seeking the cure-

Plagued with illnesses throughout her Life-

Ottoline, seeking the cure, 1928.

images from the NPG here.

how OTT wore a HAT

from her own scrapbook, 1917, found at the NPG here

(today's little augury post on Edie's HAT here)


Lady Ottoline Morrell; William Arthur Cavendish-Bentinck, 6th Duke of Portland 1935
in the NPG Ottoline Morrell collection here.

The BRITISH magazine TATLER's February issue has gathered an expert panel of Country House aficionados to bestow awards for such as- Best Overall House, Best Ghost.
You get the picture?

The Great Ballroom

 No surprise Lady Ottoline Morrell's family home WELBECK ABBEY came in 1ST Place for the BEST SECRET TUNNEL. They describe the tunnel as: more than one and  a half miles of tunnels, complete with skylights and wide enough in some places for two carriages to pass. Its also has an underground great hall, used a s Ballroom, and five rooms designed to house a Library. Crikey.