Gorey signs of Ott


 my little dog-a heart beat at my feet-Edith Wharton

the poignant photgraphs of Ott and her dogs are part of the collection at the NPG here.

Garsington for the WeekEnd

Recent discovery of photographs of Garsington-Ottoline's beloved country house by Daniel Hart and permission to share them has me easily envisioning Ottoline there this evening.
The beauty of the house seems little changed-

 Up to Garsington for the weekend


The Hall at Garsington
photograph by Jan Baldwin for "Ben Pentreath, English Decoration" 
published by Ryland Peters and Small, 2012

& OUT- 

 & as ALways-A Stroll around the Grounds


COme back My Darlings-But not right Away.

photographs of Garsington in Ottoline's day are here at the NPG
the photographs are HeRe. 
& about its Sale here