Gorey signs of Ott


 my little dog-a heart beat at my feet-Edith Wharton

the poignant photgraphs of Ott and her dogs are part of the collection at the NPG here.


  1. Gorey dogs, interesting. I've seen mostly Gorey doing cats - but dogs work for me, as well. Actually, I'd like to have one of each, but at the moment, it's a cat-lady I am. Is that a caftan of sorts that Gorey's lady is wearing? pbb

  2. Great Gorey illustration, PGT. It is both Ottoline-esque and Emilie Floge-ish with the enormously grand hat and the floral-iscious print. A beloved dog - though - (or in my case - cat) just might be the very best companion/accessory of all.

    Love the oldish new striped and shadowed font - it looks very much of that era... perfect.

  3. I have always been a real fan of Gorey-perhaps from PBS,which I watched as a child. I am so glad they have never changed their opening sequence. This Gorey in particular did remind me of Ottoline-and therefore it all came to being here.

    I do appreciate both of you reading here, it seems a special sort of club we have. PGT