I do Love the Silhouette. My brother has a lovely collection of them. Friend and Fellow Blogger-Rose of Rose C'est La Vie- did this one of OTT. It highlights her signature Pearls and sets her in a perfect background-her eyes were described as turquoise. Easily recognizable -as are the other Women Rose has Silhouetted- take a Look Here-
OTToLIne is in great company.

the Pearls:
 "On our way through Paris my mother had insisted on buying me some very lovely muslin dresses, and for some reason this had greatly upset me; also it was there that she bought for me a row of pearls at the sale of the French crown jewels; she liked to feel that I should wear a row of pearls that had been round the neck of Marie Antoinette. These gifts gave me acute pain... in my distress they seemed a mockery."

Rose's inspiration- Here at Ottoline Divine

Tea Time with Lady OttoLine


Ottoline documented here life in pictures-her scrapbooks can be found at the NPG HERE.