Dear Lady Ginger

as Ottoline Devotees I know You are ALL as interested in ALL THINGS OTT as I am.
I recently ran across this small & lovely Book  "an exchange of letters" between
edited by Helen Shaw,

Yet another younger man-obsessed with Ottoline?
Did You know about HIM?

D'Arcy Walter Cresswell was a young New Zelander who was befriended by Ottoline when he published his The Poet's Progress, recounting his experiences selling his poems door to door in the English countryside.
From its publication in 1930 to Ottoline's death in 1938, the pair exchanged letters.

This slim volume, along with Ottoline's reflections on Cresswell's fellow New Zealander, the poet Kathryn Mansfield, friend to both, offers us another look into Ottoline's penchant for mentoring artists. Our Lady Bountiful supplied Cresswell with his longing for news from literary England after his return to New Zealand during the depths of the Depression in 1932. She sent him books & papers too costly for the poet. The pair shared a craving for Art, Beauty & companionship-

Their LETTERS, We have in the form of Dear Lady Ginger.

cresswell's photographs are from the NPG, here
As I read along, I'LL stay In Touch,


Lady Ottoline Morrell  painted by Augustus John

Always AN Original: Ott and the CAMERA

If you haven't noticed Girl's Best Fashion Accessory lately is the CAMERA-You haven't been LOOKING!

 Perhaps the BEST KNOWN, the lovely GARANCE DORE, photographed by Scott Schuman, THE SATORIALIST.

Today's Young Beauties are catching Looks with their CAMERA and IN TURN are getting Caught in the Lens with CAMERA-as they snap away.
No Surprise then-There's nothing NEW, as in Under the SUN- that OTTOLINE was the 1st- Again the bona fide Original-
Snapping, always-and away, the People surrounding her sight line. She too was caught with CAMERA as she photographed.


Schuman chronicles the LADIES in his series All the Pretty Photographers- here.
see OTTOLINE near 600 images at the National Portrait Gallery-here