Garsington for the WeekEnd

Recent discovery of photographs of Garsington-Ottoline's beloved country house by Daniel Hart and permission to share them has me easily envisioning Ottoline there this evening.
The beauty of the house seems little changed-

 Up to Garsington for the weekend


The Hall at Garsington
photograph by Jan Baldwin for "Ben Pentreath, English Decoration" 
published by Ryland Peters and Small, 2012

& OUT- 

 & as ALways-A Stroll around the Grounds


COme back My Darlings-But not right Away.

photographs of Garsington in Ottoline's day are here at the NPG
the photographs are HeRe. 
& about its Sale here


  1. Love the photographs - the home looks remarkably untouched. Love her photos. That nose of hers, it is so much a part of her self and her image, her face because of it, is very much an example of Bacon's quote, "there is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion." Her face, and Garsington too, is not in proportion, and thank god for that, because then neither would rise to the level of "excellent beauty" which both do. - A good reason not to go off having your face "worked on" until you look like off the shelf vanilla ice cream, like every other carton -- when if you leave what you consider "flaws" alone, there is a chance for that excellent beauty that no vanilla ice cream clone could ever aspire to. (My personal rant, I apologize, but have you looked lately at any/some of these young actresses or actresses who are trying so hard to make us think they're still 20 - and their noses are all alike, their mouths like fish mouths, their eyes half way up their forehead - and everyone looks the same, some just an older version of the other. O, I can't stand thinking about it. Apologies. Again.) Ottoline is magnificent - we have no O.M. any more I don't think... Thank you for the photos! pbb

  2. PBB - you are right on target with the vanilla ice cream-syndrome... it should be a Baskin Robbins world (although I just found an article about a Venezuelan vendor with 860 - even better, more variety)... all in all there should be more Ottolines - who revel in their own personal countenance, aura, regal bearing/composure, and best of all... what's going on in the noggin - not outside it. Viva Flavor and diversity!

    PGT, your link led to a great panoramic Garsington photo - with a vine-covered archway beckoning an entrance. Glad too, to see the photos of Ottoline at her desk - and now a mystery has been solved. An earlier Ottoline Divine photo made me think the bow was part of the sweater-construction, but it is not - because here's Ott without.

  3. this is beyond divine! I love it!

    thank you so much!!


    1. Penelope-thanks! Ottoline is truly DIVINE! pgt