ON Ottoline

 painting by Duncan Grant
 listen to the conversation on BBC Radio4 ,here.


  1. Duncan Grant figures centrally in LIVING IN SQUARES, the BBC's new television series about Bloomsbury. No sign of Ottoline, unfortunately.

    1. oh! sounds wonderful, hope it travels to PBS here in the states at some point. pgt

  2. Came across your blog while googling Otteline, having just read a biography of Edith Olivier and now a quarter way through Miranda Seymour's excellent biography of Otteline. I have been a devotee of the Bloomsbury group for many years and had read lots about OT in other books which led me to search for the full biography.

    I live in Australia but we come to London every year and we always stay at the Tavistock which is in the next street to Gordon Square where many of them lived.

    What a pity more people haven't kept your blog active.