oh darlings, You missed my birthday

born June 16th, 1873

portrait by de Meyer, 1907

presents?  No, NO, No!

unless you've just written a book-then do sign a copy and send it. perfect!
or painted some scene of great beauty -sign it- to be sure and send that. perfect!
otherwise, just a belated wish will do. -OTT


  1. This immediately made me think of Lytton Strachey and Roger Frye. She was such a patron of literature and art.

  2. I. Love. Ottoline!! And am so happy to discover your new website!

    She is one of my most favorite people ever. I have spent hours poring over all the photos she took with her Brownie camera of her house parties at Garsington. I admire her for her unbridled generosity to her friends, her unorthodox design sense, and her ability to hold her head high even after some of the guests who uncomplainingly drank her champagne (Huxley, Lawrence) repaid her with snarky characterizations in their novels (i.e. Crome Yellow, Women in Love, respectively).

    Ottoline's heart was in the right place. She wanted to celebrate brilliance, art and friendship and fill her life with meaning. Not so bad a goal, that. xx

  3. Grouchy! Yes, LS was a wonderful friend and frequent visitor at Garsington. RF was more -her sworn enemy. I hope you will follow along.

  4. Lisa, so great to have your approval, it means so much.She was so generous and so quixotic-I think that is one reason we are all so drawn to her and so-her circle. She would definitely have been blogging as her memoirs and photos witness. Gaye

  5. No doubt I will follow! I hope your posts become more frequent.

  6. Happy Belated Birthday, Ottoline ma cher!

    Gayle, this morning while googling images of Garsington, I came across this blog with an interesting post:
    Can you imagine chatting with seniors who remember OM from their childhoods?