OUR Otto, Sea Bathing anyone?

NPG images


  1. AnonymousJuly 06, 2011

    fabulous photos!! Where did you find them? Currently I am reading the Miranda Seymour book, with Gathorne-Hardy in waiting.
    I am so excited about this blog!!

  2. Sandra,
    Yes, credit goes to the NPG with over 500 Ottoline related photos from her own scrapbooks with her id's of the sitters! a treasure trove for a blog about her! I have tried to collect all the books dedicated to her-and her memoirs too.! Here is the link- PGT

  3. AnonymousJuly 11, 2011

    What an ordeal -- can you imagine trying to swim in all that fabric? It was probably wool to boot. No wonder they had those ropes to hang on to. Sheesh.

    I'm an enormous prude and hate seeing people's giggly and crevassy bits in public, but our modern day bathing costumes are certainly an improvement, if only in terms of safety...

  4. Oh, goodness! I am so happy to see this lovely blog! The divine Ottoline! I first knew about her when I saw the film Carrington, in which of course she is a background character, played gorgeously by Penelope Wilton. But then as I began to do more research on the Bloomsberries and their circle and fringes, I learned a bit more and was more and more intrigued by her. Then I read the bio by Miranda Seymour, and I fell totally in love.

    Always been a fan of dear Bertie's as well, ever since hearing the wonderful bit in Beyond the Fringe which affectionately sends up the older Bertie's radio broadcasts. If you haven't heard it, it's really delightfully done, I believe, by Jonathan Miller. Also have been to what was his house in Richmond Park (now a tearoom, in part, or at least it was!)

    Anyway, thank you so much for this! You've found some truly wonderful photos and I can't wait to see what else you'll post!

  5. Thanks you SphinxVic! and I love that name. I felt drawn to OM- her memoirs and bios are abundant- but still I think she will be lost to the current generation-as will many If not placed in their view. She was at the center of a universe long gone- but long remembered-one can only hope. pgt

  6. Fabulous that you are keeping this OM in view to young people! I am old as the hills.....and I had never heard of her. Love learning about her.

    This is what I feel and know about Tony Duquette! I was so lucky to know and love him.....his friend and protogee Hutton Wilkinson wrote not one but two books about him and his story.....and his incomparable designs.

    If it were not for Hutton; Tony Duquette would be fading away not in any way evident to the young people of today.

    I consider him to be one it the too 1 percent of designers if the 20th century! (just "designers" ) Of everything!!

    movie sets, houses, stage sets: everything.

    that is what I think you meant......"forgotten and lost by the current generation if not placed in their view!"

    BRAVO!! To you!

  7. Penelope- Exactly, and TD was definitely classed as an Original! pgt