another LOOK at the CaVenDish BenTinck Connection

Lady Ottoline Morrell & William Arthur Cavendish-Bentinck, 6th Duke of Portland 1935
from the NPG, here

There are 2 main strands in OTTOLINE"S GENEALOGY. The CAVENDISH line goes back to TUDOR times and BESS of HARDKWICK, whose second husband was Sir William Cavendish and whose last husband was the Sixth Earl of Shrewsbury.

 Young Elizabeth "Bess" Hardwick. ©NTPL/Angelo Hornak (at left) & Sir William Cavendish (1505?-1557). ©NTPL/Hawkley Studios

Bess' second youngest son, WILLIAM CAVENDISH, founded the DEVONSHIRE, or senior side of the Newcastle line which descended through a series of Heiresses until 1734 when William CAVENDISH, the Second Duke of Portland, married Margeret Cavendish-Holles-Harley, Ottoline's great-great-grandmother.

 William Bentinck, 2nd Duke of Portland,by James Seymour

 Margaret, Duchess of Portland ,by Michael Dahl

 William Bentinck was the grandson of Hans Willem Bentinck, who came over to England in 188 with WILLIAM of ORANGE (WM III of England).

 Hans Bentinck, 1st Earl of Portland, by Michael Dahl

Hans Willem, a younger member of an old DUTCH family, was a close friend of William III, who created him Earl of Portland. Hans Willem's son Henry was made First Duke of Portland by GEORGE I (mainly because of Hans Willem's efforts in the Hanoverian cause)

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